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Olson Bibliography

Primary Works

Poetry: In Cold Hell, in Thicket, 1953; The Distances, 1960; The Maximus Poems, 1960; The Maximus Poems, IV, V, VI, 1968; The Maximus Poems, Volume Three, 1975; The Maximus Poems, 1983; The Collected Poems of Charles Olson, 1987.

Prose: Call Me Ishmael, 1947; Projective Verse, 1950; The Mayan Letters, 1953; A Bibliography on America for Ed Dorn, 1964; Human Universe and Other Essays, 1965, Ed. Donald Allen; Selected Writings, 1966, Ed. Robert Creeley; Casual Mythology, 1969; The Special View of History, 1970, Ed. Ann Charters; Additional Prose, 1974, Ed. George F. Butterick; The Post Office: A Memoir of His Father, 1974.

Letters: Letters for Origin, 1969, Ed. Albert Glover; Charles Olson & Cid Corman : complete correspondence 1950-1964 / Ed. George Evans, 1987; Charles Olson and Robert Creeley: The Complete Correspondence, 1990, Ed. George F. Butterick and Richard Blevins, 9 vols; In love, in sorrow : the complete correspondence of Charles Olson and Edward Dahlberg, Ed. Paul Christensen, 1990; Charles Olson and Frances Boldereff : a modern correspondence, Ed. Ralph Maud and Sharon Thesen, 1999.

Play: The Fiery Hunt and Other Plays, 1977.

Y & X; poems by Charles Olson. drawings by Carrado Cagli. Washington, Black Sun Press, 1950.

The Maximus poems. NY: Jargon/Corinth Books, 1960.

Maximus, from Dogtown - 1. With a foreword by Michael McClure. San Francisco: Auerhahn, 1961.

Selected writings. Edited, with an introd., by Robert Creeley. NY: New Directions, 1967.

Call me Ishmael. San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1967.

The Post Office: a memoir of his father. with an introd. by George F. Butterick. Bolinas, Calif.: Grey Fox P, 1975.

Charles Olson & Ezra Pound: an encounter at St. Elizabeths. edited by Catherine Seelye. NY: Grossman Publishers, 1975.

The fiery hunt and other plays. Bolinas, Calif.: Four Seasons Foundation, 1977.

Charles Olson & Robert Creeley: the complete correspondence. edited by George Butterick. Santa Barbara: Black Sparrow Press, 1980- .

The Maximus poems. edited by George F. Butterick. Berkeley: U of California P, 1983.

The collected poems of Charles Olson: excluding the Maximus poems. edited by George F. Butterick. Berkeley: U of California P, 1987.

A nation of nothing but poetry: supplementary poems. edited by George F. Butterick. Santa Rosa, CA: Black Sparrow P, 1989.


A complete bibliography of works by Charles Olson can be found in A bibliography of works by Charles Olson, compiled by George F. Butterick & Albert Glover, 1967, and searched through HOMER.




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