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The Photograph Database contains more than 500 photographs of Charles Olson and his family, friends and correspondents. The Collection includes original photographs owned by Charles Olson, original photographs or copies of original prints donated to the Archives, and reference prints (copies) made by the Archives for publication or preservation. Photographs are divided into seven series:

Photographs of Charles Olson (alone and in groups)
Olson's Family
Friends and Associates
Black Mountain College
Photographs Taken by Charles Olson
Photographs Owned by Charles Olson

Scholars have published several volumes that include photographs from the Charles Olson Research Collection:

Butterick, George F. 1983. Editing the Maximus Poems. Storrs: The University of Connecticut Library.

Butterick, George F. 1978. A Guide to the Maximus Poems. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Butterick, George F. 1980. Robert Creeley: The Complete Correspondence. Santa Barbara: Black Sparrow Press.

Charters, Ann. 1968. Olson/Melville: A Study in Affinity. Berkeley: Oyez Press.

Christensen, Paul. 1979. Charles Olson: Call Him Ishmael. Austin: University of Texas Press.

Dorfman, Elsa. 1974. Elsa's Housebook: A Woman's Photojournal. Boston: David Godine.

Harris, Mary Emma. 1987. The Arts at Black Mountain College. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Olson, Charles. 1983. The Maximus Poems. George F. Butterick, ed. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Olson, Charles. 1975. The Post Office: A Memoir of His Father. Bolina, Calif.: Grey Fox Press.

Olson, Charles. 1974-1978. The Journal of the Charles Olson Archives, v. 1-10. Storrs: The University of Connecticut Library.



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