Works in the Collection

A Taste of Olson

In Cold Hell, In Thicket
It Was. But it Ain't
Human Universe
A Foot is to Kick With
Call Me Ishmael
Projective Verse
The Moebius Strip
A Lustrum for You, E.P.
La Preface

To Bet




The word forms
on the left: you must
stand in line. Speech
is as swift as a synapse
but acquisition of same
is as long
as I am old

rat______on the first floor landing of the three-decker

black____cat a peck of storage batteries 'fore
________I die

cabbage__my friend Cabbage, with whom to bake potatoes up
________Fisher's Hill

rust_____in the bed of Beaver Brook -- from the junk in it

And the iris ("flags," we called 'em)

And the turtle I was surprised by

up to last night's dream, the long brown body pleased
I kissed her buttock curve

and their registration

Words, form
but the extension of

Style, est verbum

The word
is image, and the reverend reverse is

is verse