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A Taste of Olson

In Cold Hell, In Thicket
It Was. But it Ain't
Human Universe
A Foot is to Kick With
Call Me Ishmael
Projective Verse
The Moebius Strip
A Lustrum for You, E.P.
La Preface

To Bet





There are laws, that is to say, the human universe is as discoverable as that other. And as definable.

The trouble has been, that a man stays so astonished he can triumph over his own incoherence, he settles for that, crows over it, and goes at a day again happy he at least makes a little sense. Or, if he says anything to another, he thinks it is enough--the struggle does involve such labor and some terror--to wrap it in a little mystery: ah, the way is hard but this is what you find if you go it.

The need now is a cooler one, a discrimination, and then, a shout. Der Weg stirbt, sd one. And was right, was he not? Then the question is: was ist der Weg?