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A Taste of Olson

In Cold Hell, In Thicket
It Was. But it Ain't
Human Universe
A Foot is to Kick With
Call Me Ishmael
Projective Verse
The Moebius Strip
A Lustrum for You, E.P.
La Preface

To Bet





So, Pound, you have found the gallows tree
you with your thumb at your nose
the word in your mouth dirty, and otherwise.

They'll cant your body, canto maker.
Sudden, and your freckled neck will break
as others', nameless, broke.

There was Booth's collaborators in a gray Washington snow
after another war.
Matthew Brady's camera slanted, one by one, to each adjustment
_____________________________________of the noose.

Or do they shoot you now


You wanted to be historic, Yorick.
Mug the mike with your ABCs
you even made Sligo Willie sneeze:
revolutionary simpleton.
Ezra Pound, American.

Sing out, sing hate.
There is a wind, mister
where the smell, o anti-semite
in the nose is as
vomit, poet.

I quote: in a modern city the live man feels
or perceives this sort of thing as the savage
perceives in the forest.


You are your own best witness.
These are not the great days.
No hunt, sir, and what you take for bays,
Propertius, are the rattle of cans.


Listen, Montana, you've been right about a lot, sure.
The Civil War did drive everything out of the American mind,
you and Martin van Buren included.
You have also said, a propos Jefferson and/or Pound: the
real life in regular verse is an irregular movement UNDER-

Private gain is not prosperity, but that the treasure of
a nation is its equity?

Yes, if a man isn't willing to take some risk for his
opinion, either his opinions are no good or he's no good.
Remember Heine? You have admired him. He walked through
a revolution too. He didn't have his eyes left, and he
wasn't as gay as you. It was paresis laid him low. (What
got you?) He left what he called his mattress grave and
found his way, blind, through the bullets in the street,
it was 1848, to the Louvre. He did it, he took the risk,
to have another look at Venus. What were you looking at
in a broadcasting studio?


There is a court
where order, traitor
- you stood with the lovers of ORDER
_19 years on that case/first case
keeps the fragrance of,
sometimes in the palm of a hand
also on street corners,
hyacinth and burnt feathers

Where the wind is a warm breath
it does not smell of flesh in a furnace


The sentence reads:____lover of the obscene
___________________by the obscene undone

___________________fecit, Pound fecit