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A Taste of Olson

In Cold Hell, In Thicket
It Was. But it Ain't
Human Universe
A Foot is to Kick With
Call Me Ishmael
Projective Verse
The Moebius Strip
A Lustrum for You, E.P.
La Preface

To Bet




mexico)__________could not
have guessed: wood, a
bowl of gray wood, of
an afternoon, already
shadowed (4
pm: very fast, high, sharp
rockets, a crazy trumpet
of a band, few
people, sloppy
cowboys picadors matadors bulls

_____________but out there, on that dirt, in front, directly
_____________before your eyes, more, yr existence:

death, the
possibility of same, the certitude
right there in front of yr
eyes, god damn yr
this bull and this man (these men) can
one another

What one knows
put out, & quietly out, put out right exactly I mean OUT
in front of all eyes, including
_______the bull's, who runs out so
_________lightly, with such
___________declarations of
_____________his presence

_______the man, so
_________careful, such
___________preparations (the bull only about to find out), the man
_____________so clothed, such tools, and
_____________running back to

_____________________________so ludicrously the
_______barricade, the bull, too, smelling
_______the wood, where an opening is, how
_______to get out of

conceived this action, this
thing, this
instant declaration of that which you know is all
that constitutes both what you are and what is going on at all time
as of you or anyone since and as long as whatever
it is that it is, is


the bull so much not
animal (as the word
is) his
experience so very clear, there, his
bewilderment, tries, angers (no
fear, mere increasing sense from confrontation that
he is

the men (the man) so much more
animal, so
aware, their
courage (fear) so
very clear, so very much the reason why
we too are
involved, why
we, here,

________((the man, down in that dirt, so much
__________a scampering, so much (advancing) a
__________sort of picked bantam))

those horns

that voice repeating "to-ro" "to-ro" "to-ro"

those words, wooing

that head, the plain danger of


have been