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OLSON: The Journal of the Charles Olson Archive

Number 1, Spring 1974

Page 4
Robert Duncan, letter to Jess after his last visit to Olson in New York Hospital, 1970

Page 7
"I know men for whom everything matters": Charles Olson in conversation with Herbert A. Kenny

Page 45
Charles Olson, The City Hall as is now was burned…(a poem)

Page 54
Olson's Reading: A Preliminary Report (A-C)

Number 2, Fall 1974

Page 4
Fielding Dawson, A Letter from Black Mountain

Page 8
Charles Olson, letter to W. H. Ferry

Page 16
Minutes of a Meeting of the Black Mountain College Faculty, 1951

Page 25
Charles Olson, statement for Black Mountain Catalogue, 1952

Page 28
Charles Olson, The Act of Writing in the Context of Post-Modern Man

Page 29
Charles Olson, Common Place (a poem)

Page 32
Charles Olson, Starting fr where you are… (reading list)

Page 37
Black Mountain College Courses of Instruction, 1954

Page 43
Charles Olson, Tutorial: the Greeks

Page 50
Charles Olson, A Draft of a Plan for the College

Page 59
Charles Olson, Obit (a poem)

Page 65
Charles Olson, Notes for a University at Venice, California

Page 69
Fielding Dawson, At Black Mountain College Just After Charley Olson's Famous Essay was Published in POETRY NEW YORK

Page 70
Olson's Reading: A Preliminary Report (D-G)

Number 3, Spring 1975

Page 3
Charles Olson, Under the Mushroom: The Gratwick Highlands Tape

Page 58
Charles Olson, Maximus, March 1961 (a poem)

Page 59
Charles Olson, Experience and Measurement (an essay)

Page 64
Charles Olson, The Secret of the Black Chrysanthemum

Page 93
Olson's Reading: A Preliminary Report (H-K)


Number 4, Fall 1975

Page 3
Charles Olson, Poems from 1962-63 (an anthology)

Page 40
Charles Olson, On "History"

Page 47
Clark Coolidge, Notes Taken in Classes Conducted by Charles Olson at Vancouver, August 1963

Page 64
Pauline Wah, Notes from Olson's Classes at Vancouver

Page 70
George Bowering, Some Notes from Vancouver

Page 76
Daphne Marlatt, Excerpts from a Journal

Page 86
George Bowering, Charles Olson (a poem)

Page 88
Olson's Reading: A Preliminary Report (L-N)

Page 113
Notes, Addenda, Corrigenda

Number 5, Spring 1976

Page 3
Charles Olson, Background to the Maximus Poems (Notes and Essays, 1945-1957):

From Notebook "KEY WEST I" (1945)
From Notebook "KEY WEST II" (1945)
From Notebook "ENNISCORTHY - June, 1946"
An Outline of a Projected Poem called WEST (ca. 1946)
Note: "The job is the old one…" (ca. 1946)
November 20, 1946 (notes)
As of form (1947)
FIRST FACTS (ca. 1947)
Guggenheim Fellowship proposal (1948)
The Long Poem (1948)
WEST (1948-[1949])
Note: "Again the sense the forms we have are conventions…"
West (1953)
POST-WEST (ca. 1953)
From Notebook "I…Sept. 15, 1957"

Page 68
Olson's Reading: A Preliminary Report (O-S)

Number 6, Fall 1976

Page 3
Charles Olson, For R.C. (a poem)

Page 4
Charles Olson, Early Unpublished Maximus Poems, 1953-1957

In late September 1953, Olson wrote to editor Cid Corman that the Maximus series he had begun in 1950 and had been working on intensively since the spring of 1953 "had got off its proper track" ("Letters for Origin," Glover diss., p. 220). What he meant was that he had begun to take on the larger area of the entire American West which had interested him ever since he was a boy, "reading and playing it out" in imagined redoubts in the open area behind his home in Worcester (see his introduction to 'West'), and which he had begun to gather material about for a series of narratives undertaken after the publication of Call Me Ishmael (which is, after all, as much about America as it is about Melville). In any case, the poem threatened to get out of hand - he felt there were no clear precedents, not even Pound or Williams - and the sections included here, all numbered or designated as Maximus letters on the manuscripts or among Olson's notes from the time, were set aside and not sent to Jonathan Williams for publication following The Maximus Poems /11-22 in 1956 or collected in 1960 into the first volume of The Maximus Poems.
The Roots of the Maximus poems in the poet's preoccupation with America's past, including the West, can be seen in the material presented in the previous issue of this journal.

Page 63
Editor's Notes

Page 77
Olson's Reading: A Preliminary Report (T-Z)

Number 7, Spring 1977

Page 3
Charles Olson, Journal of Swordfishing Cruise, July 1936

Page 43
A Bibliography of Writings by Charles Olson: Posthumous Publications

Page 61
Olson's Reading: A Preliminary Report (Addenda)

Page 70
Jerome Rothenberg, The Art of Poetry (a poem)

Page 71
Notes, Addenda, Corrigenda

Number 8, Fall 1977

Page 3
Charles Olson, Writings from Black Mountain, 1951-1954:

Applause (a poem)
Letters to Robert Creeley
Cy Twombly
Katherine Litz Dance Concert: A Review
Letters to Marguerite Wildenhain and Bernard Leach
A Letter to the Faculty of Black Mountain College
Letter to Paul Williams
A TOSS, for John Cage (a poem)
A Tao, For Here, And Now
Black Mt. College Has a Few Words For A Visitor (a poem)
Me-mo to Stefan & John
Note on Methodology
The Necessary Propositions
The Theatre
Theatre Institute Lecture on Language
Notes from a Conversation on Theatre
Letter to Carl Jung

Page 62
Photographs and drawing by Diana Woelffer, Fielding Dawson, and Jonathan Williams

Page 66
On Black Mountain (II): Charles Olson interviewed by Andrew S. Leinoff

Page 108
Terence F. Burns, The Rector of Black Mountain College

Number 9, Spring 1978

Page 3
Charles Olson, Maximus Poems, 1959-1963

A Selection of poems principally from the period of Maximus Poems IV, V, VI, not included in that volume by the poet

Page 75
Editor's Notes

Page 87
Notes, Addenda, Corrigenda

Number 10, Fall 1978

Page 3
Charles Olson, The Chiasma, or Lectures in the New Sciences of Man

A series of background lectures given in anticipation of an Institute in the New Sciences of Man held at Black Mountain College in March 1953 and featuring archeologist Robert J. Braidwood, discoverer of Jarmo (the earliest village settlement then known), and Marie-Louise Von Franz, in place of Carl Jung. In putting together this selection from Olson's typed and handwritten manuscripts, the editor has been guided by copies of the lectures among Edward Dorn's papers also in the Literary Archives, University of Connecticut Library, and by notes made available to him by Mervin Lane. Olson suggested the title, "The Chiasma," in a letter to Jonathan Williams, 1 March 1953, speaking of the lecture series as a potential book.

Page 110
Editor's Notes




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